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Workshops are presented on public, private and cooperate platforms and can be adapted to meet your requirements.  

Mental Health Awareness
A workshop delivered to a variety of audiences, aimed to increase awareness and understanding around common mental health concerns. Enabling people to feel comfortable and confident to talk about mental health and know more about how to respond when difficulties arise.
Positive Thinking
Positive thoughts yields positive results. This workshop helps individuals understand how thoughts affect the way we feel and behave. Exploring useful techniques on how to change negatives into positives. Providing useful tips on how to remain positive on a day to day basis.
Designed to build an awareness on anxiety symptoms and common anxiety concerns. The workshop will provide information on the biological and psychological forces that make individuals anxious. in addition providing tools to manage anxiety in everyday life.
This workshop is designed to help people deepen their understanding about depression. Aims to help people learn how to recognise some of the many psychological and physical symptoms to depression and challenge misconceptions. Individuals will have a better understanding of what causes depression and learn practical ways to manage day to day.  
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